CII IWN Aurangabad Chapter – Session on Self-Empowerment of Women


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CII IWN Aurangabad Chapter organised a session on Self-empowerment of women for their members. The session touched upon the practice where the women have mostly been treated as a weaker gender. This conflict has taken an obvious toll on most women and they keep searching for their ‘own‘identity which they seldom discover. In this scenario, anybody and everybody keeps talking about women’s empowerment without much success on the ground level. The question needs to be addressed as to does anyone has the ‘authority’ or ‘capability’ to ‘empower’ women? Do women really need an external support for the same? Do women have to depend on the external environment to carve a destiny of their own?

This session dealt with these and many other questions especially this aspect of women searching their own identity, recognize their true potential and commensurately shaping their own destiny on their own and thereby achieve true self-empowerment.

The programme consists of presentation of a behavioural model, practical live simulation and discussions with the facilitator.


Mr. Rushikesh Rajendra

Chief Executive Officer

Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited