CII IWN Gujarat’s FREEDOM Campaign

31/07/2020 - 31/08/2020

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CII IWN Gujarat has initiated a Freedom Campaign from 1 August to 31 August 2020. 

The campaign is about “FREEDOM” from use of sanitary pads, tampons and tampon applicators – which end up in creating landfills.

The switch to use Menstrual Cups will give freedom to women from restock on sanitary napkins as Menstrual Cups lasts anywhere between 6 months to 5 years, also it is wallet friendly too.

We have Dr Shital Punjabi, a gynaecologist in our group alongwith few of us who already have made the switch.

So, I, Asha Pillai – Chairperson, IWN Gujarat, urge to Switch now and share this with your networks.




Payal Malu