CII IWN Maharashtra Chapter – Webinar on “Understanding Executive Presence”


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CII Indian Women Network Maharashtra Chapter is organizing a webinar on “Understanding Executive Presence” on Thursday, 24th May 2018 at 1500 Hrs.

Executive Presence is a combination of substance and style that enables people to connect authentically with others and inspire them towards a desired outcome. Physical style without intellectual knowledge and content can never create “Executive Presence”. The purpose of understanding executive presence is based on an aspiration to be a leader. It is also based on the fact that women have to walk an extra mile to get into leadership positions.

This webinar aims to cover the relevance of executive presence through and understanding of leadership. It is important to build a personality that leads, has a sense of purpose, demonstrates courage, is consistent, has a viewpoint and is honest thorough all the ups and downs of corporate life.


Ms Sangeeta Singh,

Partne, Sanguine Consultants