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Executive presence is one of the crucial topics in talent development discussions today. You may hear from senior leaders that their high potentials are missing this “X factor,” though they struggle to define what it is. Instead, they say, “I know it when I see it.” Executive presence is what it takes to get you, to the next level and noticed in the corporate world. It increases as time goes by and you learn to project yourself as an inspirational leader. With executive presence you create an image of yourself which is recognized by others and because of which you get more new opportunities.

It is said that executive with presence are influencers, driven, competent and highly skilled. And they are humble, concise and charismatic.

Speaker Profile – Our Speaker for the Webinar is Ms Monica Lakhmana. She is the CEO and Managing Trustee of Monica Lakhmana Foundation which is a Not-for-Profit Foundation (NPF). The Foundation is a private organization and has been created with the sole purpose to provide financial assistance/skill development to the women at the bottom of the pyramid. These women are trained to make handbags, under the Monica Lakhmana Brand.

Monica Lakhmana has been profiled by leading publications in India. She has been invited as a Speaker at Corporate Conferences, Webinars, Diversity Events, Forums and Investment Events. Harvard Business School MBA students, interview for a course titled 'How Star Women Succeed". She was also profiled in the second edition "Career Match" written by renowned writer, Shoya Zichy, the book will be launched in the US, in June 2017.Partnered with Global Citizen India. She supports the UN Agenda-Sustainable Development Goals on gender equality and every year, on International Women’s Day, organizes an event, honouring women.