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“Stress” – It is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.
However this has become very common and it could affect your mind and intellect. Our mind triggers stress in various ways. It could be in the form of replete with likes and dislikes, rambles between past and future, generates endless desires, develops attachment and possessiveness etc.
CII IWN Pune Chapter organized the workshop with the objective of increasing the awareness and help members with the strategies to conquer stress.
The workshop was participated by 52 members and selected non-members.


Ms Irina Dwarak from Vedanta Academy was the speaker for the session. She mentioned strategies such as ensuring that the likes and dislikes do not directly propel action, checking mind’s rambling, gaining control over desires, practice of detachment could be practiced to manage stress.   Ms Meher Pudumjee had also shared her view on Stress Management.