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An Evening with KABIR

In COVID 19 times, the world has halted in its track and we are facing a reality that we never imagined and are not familiar with from the past. So what does this mean to each one of us? What does this bring up in our minds and hearts? Is there Fear, Is there Panic or is the compulsory slowing down making space for Rethinking and Reviewing our lives and choices we have made till now? Does this bring up new questions, Is there Curiosity and a big change that is pushing us to be open to a new reality?

What would Kabir do today? What is the Kabir in me, the Mystic telling me when I listen to the subtle inner voice that Kabir sings of – Sunta Hei Guru Gyaani and how do we take care of my life, my Jheeni Jheeni Chadariya – the Tanaa Banaa of which are the thoughts and feelings that make up our propensities resulting in patterns and choices to form an experience we call Life.

Ms Reena Ginwala and Brigadier Vinod Dutta brings to you an Inter-active Workshop to help us explore the Kabir within us in our journey towards profound leadership.


We will evaluate:

  • Is Leadership all about Survival?
  • What have you realized about yourself during the period of lock-down?
  • What do you wish to change within you? Around you?
  • What do you wish for your business/profession to thrive?


We will listen to:

Kabir Baani – Dohe and apply them to our professional and personal life as individuals and members of teams, families, communities and society at large.



  • Explore new strategies to take your professional growth forward from survival to radical growth.
  • Apply the Leadership Credo of our army to leadership credo in Business and even in Families.
  • Listen to Kabir Within to empower yourself and take transformative action as a leader walking towards the ‘New Normal’.



  • Tough Decisions and New Choices emerging from the current reality
  • Personal Accountability to the WE
  • Leadership – Radical Action based on Intuition
  • Vulnerability – Authenticity in these times
  • Perspectives on Crisis and Personal Transformation



  • To pause to introspect in a refreshing tangent about what we are going through and why?
  • To apply and be guided by timeless sage advice for charting out our Life 2.0 amidst and beyond COVID-19?


Reena Ginwala:

Reena’s journey with Kabir and Nonviolent Communication started in 2006. Before that she did an MBA and run a successful brand of restaurants. After 17 years, she shifted to being a Professional Trainer/Facilitator and worked as a Training Advisor in Force Motors, and has conducted sessions in Executive development Programs at IIM Bangalore, IIM Indore, IIT Gandhinagar, NLUO, Volkswagen, PNB Metlife, Anand Group of Industries, Persistent Systems, BMC Software etc.

The motto she is guided by is -”Énough of Survival, I choose to Thrive.” AND in an inherently interdependent world, one cannot thrive unless all do. To that purpose she offers workshops and holds space for Leadership infused with Empathy, Mourning, Gratitude, Compassion and Forgiveness.

She enjoys bringing tools and skills to a wide range of participants from all walks of life. She created the Kabir Saamagri for Personal Transformation and Radical Leadership, Vivekananda Saamagri Board Game for Critical Thinking and Transformative Action and Ahimsa Saamagri for Communication that builds Empowered Connections.

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Brigadier Vinod Dutta:

Vinod is an accomplished business leader and facilitator with 15 years of training both in army as well as corporate world. The quest for self discovery and conviction that everyone is endowed with wisdom and courage to win in life led me to offer coaching and facilitation in leadership, Vinod is a motivational speaker and trainer of high repute. His facilitation/ training programs and executive coaching sessions are widely appreciated for their high quality content coupled with a unique thought provoking, stimulating and entertaining style of delivery and an enduring commitment towards excellence.

Vinod is also a guest faculty at The Army war College, Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, LBSNAA Mussoorie ,I I T, Amity University, Mewad University, Indian Railways , USI, New Delhi & IIRD, Shimla, UIRD Uttrakhand.

A keen golfer and voracious reader , loves to travel and transit into new learning vistas.


Ananya Basu

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