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Ms Meera Tenguria – Founder & CEO of Aarohan Communications conducted a webinar on 11th May 2020 for CII IWN Western Region members on “Managing in a Changing World.”

The world around us is changing faster than ever before. It is changing politically, socially, technologically, economically as well as environmentally. This is a significant challenge to deal with – for businesses large and small; professionals and individuals; governments and community.


However, crisis / or massive changes is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before. The key to managing change is to 1) Maintain a Constant Dialogue with Key Stakeholders 2) Continuous Foresight and Experimentation Cycles 3) Let it Go!- old ways of thinking and working that are no longer relevant 4) Rebalance Technical and Soft Skills and most important 5) Take a Sustainability Perspective.


Innovations and ideas will come by analyzing the pain points of individuals, community, customers and stakeholders bought about by external changes.  Using existing core competencies and inherent skills in new ways to achieve the vision will provide corporates, SME’s, professionals, communities, governments, and individuals to reinvent themselves and make themselves more relevant.


Managing in a changing world needs a human-centred approach that delves deeper into the WHY, makes an effort to see the world from stakeholder’s perspective and creating solutions to address the pain point.


A Changing World is inevitable and a precursor to growth. Managing in such a world needs a deliberate, conscious and strategic effort. That the future has to be towards increased sustainability must be a given.


Meera Tenguria
Founder & CEO
Aarohan Communications