Womenation: Power of us

29/09/2016 - 30/09/2016, TRIDENT MUMBAI

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‘We wear no mark; we belong to every class; we permeate every class of the community from the highest to the lowest’ - Emmeline Pankhurst Women have made tremendous advancements in the workforce over the years. They are crucial to sustaining businesses, economies and society-at-large and continue to be an integral part of the workforce, across the world. Female leadership is an imperative for economies that want to perform at the highest levels. Women managers bring rich and diverse perspectives to the table. Their complementary working styles often enhance productivity and ensure high levels of collaboration and success. Workplaces that celebrate women naturally benefit as a result of such diversity. This alone is reason enough for every nation to put this topic at the forefront of its business and development agenda. Findings confirm that encouraging female talent is a strategy that is particularly characteristic of developing economies that prioritize future workforce planning, change management and preparing for impending disruptive change. With women making up almost half of the workforce, and over 80 percent of the consumer market, it is no wonder that they impact the bottom-line. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), over the past few decades, has been working towards the inclusion and empowerment of women, both at workplace and at grassroots. Poised on the cusp of transformation, India today needs women to step up and bear the mantle of progress, innovation and change. Through various forums, CII-Indian Women Network (IWN) strives to bring together these harbingers of progress who dared to break conventional barriers, venture into uncharted spaces and progress in varied fields like Academia, Research, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Performing Arts, Culture, Politics, Economic growth and Corporates. The IWN WomeNation Conference is a call to celebrate these signifying stories, triumph over challenges. It seeks to showcase the combined power of women across the nation working towards creating a name for themselves and benchmarks for others to emulate. Join us in celebrating women who have found a voice and encouraged others to do the same. We invite you all to recognize their achievements and become catalysts in empowering women in business. While some of the transformations in corporate practices and public policies will entail adaptation, the subsequent expansion of opportunities for women has the potential to transform the economies, societies and demographics of countries as a whole.


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