Peek into launch of CII IWN

The minute I heard the CII plans to launch focused network for career women I was like WOW πŸ™‚
Thanks to Jayashree Sridharan who forwarded me the invite.

The date was Jan 23rd. I along with my friend Jayanthi Sundar arrived at Park Sheraton and by the time we registered we were almost around 120ish in number πŸ™‚

We entered in and were heartened to see the first 2 rows occupied by armed forces women. The session started with Sanjay Reddy β€˜s address and we were glad to know it was his idea and push that this network was formed. Thanks Sanjay…

Here is a snap taken at the launch – (From left) Suchitra K Ella (Our First Chair Woman !), Bhairavi Jani, Suhasini(chief guest of day), Sanjay Reddy and Madhu Vasanthy from CII.

Next Bhairavi Jani spoke on the services that IWN would offer such as – networking, research, connecting young women, students, entrepreneurs and even from grass roots as rural women. You can find more details here. A MOU with Coaching Foundation, India and Kauvery Hospitals was signed next.

Chief Guest of the day was Suhasini and she spoke from her heart in a sweet yet impactful manner and said she was every one’s inner voice that day πŸ™‚

This was followed by Suchitra K Ella’s concluding remarks followed by a Panel discussion

My key takeaways from the Launch program:

Suhasini, Actress – Be clear about what you want. Keep growing and expanding. Are you ready to listen. Think who are your role models.
Gayathri Sriram, MD,UCAL Auto said maternity is not a disease and is something natural. So voice out and also we need to overcome fear.
Sushila Ravindranath, Consulting editor, Financial express said not everyone needs to have a career. Its just up to you..Be clear of what you want. In the few years that you need to take care of your child just keep your network alive
Rani Muralidharan, Exe Dir,GK Sons, Tricy with amazing clarity said what choices we make in life matters, as long as we are determined, energetic, enthusiastic rest all will fall in place and its all in our minds. You can come with 100 reasons I have a child etc etc…Ask yourself what is your plan. Don’t let others decide what you want in life ;). She questioned “What are we giving back to society for the education you have received. We ought to be Responsible”. Women who would love to be here in this hall but are unable to for lot of reasons. We need to create the awareness.
Rajani, VP, TCS emphasised the importance of grooming ourselves with skills required. There are incredible opportunities around and am I willing to spend the time on myself than just spending time on someone on the go. Ask yourself.
Dr Jayashree Gopal, Sr.Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology, Apollo had a patient who came to her and mentioned he leaves at 6.30 am from home and is back by 8.30 ish pm back(Siruseri folks ;)) and so where is the time to exercise and she asked back what do you do around lunch time!!!! Corporates need to provide the infrastructure for same (At the minimum one can take a walk). Being aware and to take prevention is the key. She also said building a strong support network with family and maids is very important.
Latha Rajan, Director, Ma Foi – (We see her in ewit forums etc and its really nice to hear from her each time) Get support from home. That small slow down is ok because of your maternity or having to take care of elderly at home. You do not have to feel down. You can catch up in few years. Being smart and having a great support system is key.

Q& A:
It was heartening to see a professor from MGR University at 61 to ask on second careers above 60 and what kind of help they would offer
Rajani,VP, TCS – On the question what are the top 3 behavioural traits that young women need to build upon said (1)to be clear on Priorites, (2) Be Flexible to achieve them and ,(3) Be ready to Compromise as well.
Devasena from TCS asked on benefit of her SIL, co sisters who are at home and well qualified with a BTech are looking to get into the work force and how CII IWN can help. She echoed the minds of a lot of women in India

Thanks again to

Sanjay Reddy for initiating and supporting this forum
Suchitra K Ella for taking up the first Chair woman..Congratulations and we are all with you πŸ™‚
Bhairavi Jani – Thanks for your hard work and being the center of the steering committee.
Madhu Vasanthy– brain behind this entire show

Reader – Can you hear your own inner voice above….Would you like to be part of this community. Become a Member at You may also write to Madhu if you are interested to volunteer and for any queries ..

Inspiring delightful evening indeed …Miles to go before we sleep….

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