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IWN Service

To deliver value added and need based intervention with the members, we have constituted 3 task forces namely :

  • Learning & Development
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Policy & Advocacy

Learning & Development

IWN giving Learning opportunites for Corporates, Women Entreprenuers and Educational Institutions in three different levels like Freshers, Middle Management and Senior Management.

Freshers will learn about Business Communication, Learning to Invest and Career Structuring. Middle management will learn about Work-life Balance, Building Personal Brand, Managing a Team, General Management Themes. Senior Management will learn about Mentoring on Leadership, Executive Coaching, Women Independent Director.

Health & Well-being

IWN engages in Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social Well-Being activities and organize Blood Donation, Organ Donation, Multi-specialty Health Camps for members and members organizations. We created awareness on personal safety techniques in various use of protective equipments.

Policy & Advocacy

IWN works with industry to strengthen women’s role and initaited various policies for Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act, Internal Complaints Committee and Orientation for Women Independent Directors to ensure participation. The focus areas are: Legal Rights and Acts for Women, Women Workforce in Industry, Gender Diversity, Corporate Gender Gap, etc.