Ways to Manage Ego

5 ways to manage ego in professional career

Accept the weakness within us

Nobody is prefect in this world everyone has his/her weakness’s and strength so if you find yourself poor in some place while comparing with other make sure front person will also be having some or the other weakness but if you feel that the quality of front can be improvement for you implement that Be flexible to the changes

Increase your acceptance level it is not always that the way you have worked in past or the way you are working will remain same forever so if change are done by the management accept it as you growth.

Self Up gradation

This play a very important role in controlling your ego if you make yourself update to latest demand nobody can beat you ,you always remain in competition and competition is always better that ego.

Consider human as human

Professionally try to deal with only knowledge because professionally it hardly matter to which religion or caste you belong to.

Problems should be taken professionally

Sometime it happens that the employee take Back to Blog

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